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1. What was Peltier Point before it became a residential and boating community?
Peltier Point used to house a single family residence owned by the Morey family.

2. What are some more details about the Peltier Point location?

This new opportunity will be a private, gated community located on the ICW, with the option of two boat slips per lot for Lots 2-6 and one dock/slip area for Lot 1.  

3. Are there limitations to where homeowners can build on their respective lot?

Yes, all homes must be constructed behind the 50' CAMA  buffer line. Lots 2-6 have a 5' sideline setback on each side and lot 1 has a 10' setback on the west property line & 5' on the east. Buildable area delineated on site map. 

4. What are homeowners responsible for when building their home?

Each lot has a maximum built upon area/impervious area. For Lots 1, 2, 3 and 5, it is 2,400 square feet. For Lot 4, it is 2,300 square feet. And Lot 6 will be 2,800 square feet. Homeowners will be responsible for pervious pavers and ground patios


All water and sewer is provided by the town of Morehead City. All tap fees will be paid by the owner at the time of construction.

5. What should I know about constructing my home's dock?

Current projections are for each lot to come with a developer-installed 80' straight dock with two boat slips per lot for Lots 2-6 and one dock/slip area for Lot 1. For Lots 2-6, one dock will be approximately 22'W x 60'L and the other will be 15'W x 40'L. Water depth at main low tide is estimated at 4.5' - 5.5', understanding all channels shift with time and storm activity.

6. What if I want to make a change to the proposed pier and dock arrangement?
The permit for each dock on Peltier Creek will include a boat lift and gazebo that can be installed for an additional expense. Power will be run to the beginning of each dock. 

7. Is there a minimum square footage amount required for an improvement?

Yes, the minimum home size 2,000 square feet; see Design Guidelines for additional information.


8. Will there be a capital reserve due at closing?

Yes. Capital reserve will be $5,000 – $4,500 will be placed in the capital account of the HOA and the additional $500 used for initial funding of the HOA.

9. Does a boat slip come with the purchase of a lot?

Yes, a straight dock will be constructed on Peltier Creek as part of pricing. 

10. Are lots ready to be built upon?

Not yet. All lots will be built up with the building pad elevation at 7.5'. The floodplain is 8' for these lots.

11. I want to install a fence. Can I do that?

Yes, please see section 2.10 of the Design Guidelines.

12. Is there a designated builder?

There is not a designated builder for the project. Owners can bring their own and the house plan must be approved by HOA.

13. How much are regular HOA dues at Peltier Point?

Each of the six (6) lots of Peltier Point Subdivision shall pay an equal amount of the annual budget. Based upon the above budget the annual dues will be $3,000 per lot and paid on a calendar year basis due in January of each year in advance. The current year’s dues will be prorated at closing and Buyer will pay their share of the remainder of the calendar year.

*FAQs subject to change prior to contract dependent upon final permitting and available information.


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